You will find a customised solution for every application with our comprehensive range of accessories.
Many small aids and tools make your everyday work a lot simpler.

Handhold GRI2010

With spring lock for easy processing of large work pieces.


Ball table KUG0800

Suitable for working on free-form parts. Low-priced solution for flexible use of KANTENKNIRPS®.®.


Angle table WKT0800

Free-form parts and bevelled edges. You can master almost any challenge within seconds.


Ball casters KUG0024

Let the work piece “float along” in KANTENKNIRPS®; ideal for angle tables or own designs with 25 mm diameter holes.


Edge milling machine KFR0600

For finish milling; milling machine in a practical storage case with flush milling attachment for free-form parts; rip fence protects the flush milling of bevelled edges


Spindle head slide FSL0008

For edge milling machine; for retrofitting suitable milling machines to process free-form parts.


Radii fix RAD0022

For small inner radii; radii of 11 mm can be processed (depending on the material)


Additional roll ROL0050

With ball-bearing; pinch roller with 50 mm diameter and glued surface for processing solid wood edges.


Radius cutter FRS0003

With spacer disc of 3 mm; radius cutter for finishing the edges.


Bevelled edge cutter FRS0020

Without spacer disc; frontal milled surfaces at 10° inclination for flush supplementary milling of bevelled edges.


Cutting device, round KAP0360

For butt joint gluing; round tabletops are worked on easily and neatly in the joint area.


Cutting device, angular KAP0090

For angled edges; neat and clean final cutting of edges at the end of the board.


Hot-melt adhesive SKD0217

Suitable for KANTENKNIRPS®; professional adhesive for highly stable edge bonding.


Automatic edge feed AKT2010

Made of stainless steel; edge coating for various edge thickness in the course of the manufacturing process.


Hot air blower HLG2000

For activating the glue; 2000 Watt high-performance, can be used in different temperature ranges and air velocities.