For years, Schugoma System has stood for customised solutions in the edging technology segment. Schugoma System GmbH offers the highest “Quality and Innovation (Made in Germany)” in this field. Practical ideas and concepts are echoed in our products. Consultation, customer support and service – factors which the customer is entitled to expect of Schugoma System GmbH at all times.
+++ Innovation +++ Qualität +++ Service +++
are not just words at Schugoma System GmbH, but our guiding principles.
From the portable edge bander KANTENKNIRPS with hot glue application to manual machining centres right up to KANTENKING® for laser edging (invisible joint edging) – we offer the perfect solutions for the most challenging requirements to companies of all sizes. Schugoma System GmbH is your ideal partner in the woodworking industry as well as the small trade.
Schugoma System GmbHmachines are now being used not only in Europe but all over the world.
Since its founding in 2003, Schugoma System GmbH can look back upon a steady, continuous growth because of its product quality and, above all, satisfied customers. And in order to keep it that way we are always striving to be quicker and better than others, so that we are able to meet your high standards and expectations.

Made in Germany

For decades, the brand label “Made in Germany” has been regarded as a certificate of particularly high quality in numerous industries. It owes its emergence to a British law, the Merchandise Marks Act of 1887. The purpose of this law was to protect British consumers against frauds regarding the source of imported German goods. In the course of time, this originally negatively connotative term “Made in Germany” reversed into its very opposite and developed into a special quality mark. For this reason, today “Made in Germany” is protected nationally and internationally as the geographical origin and quality label for products manufactured in Germany.